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Unlike previous years clearance with military authorities is not needed any more to visit Kubinka Tank museum. The museum should be informed about your visit by e-mail. A copy of your passport page with your picture should be filed with the museum upon arrival to the museum.
ATTENTION. In case you want to book the tour, please, send by e-mail your full names, citizenship, passport number and passport validity.
This tour can be only booked by a Russian company.
Museum of military tanks and armoured vehicles in Kubinka is the largest museum in the world. The 290 items range from 3-5 ton light tanks and armoured cars to a super-heavy, 180 ton panzer monster "Mouse".
There are 40 self-propelled guns from 57 to 600 caliber, 30 armoured cars, 10 reconnaissance and command vehicles, and a variety of technical and engineer support vehicles.
There are many unique vehicles such as "Maus", "Adam", T-35, T-50 etc. Long time the owner of this tank collection was the special secret soviet military Institution (Laboratory) which specialized in testing tanks.
The Kubinka tank museum was opened on September 10-th 1978. In the year 2000 all old vehicles were re-painted in original manner by the Russian specialists of the historical society.
Now tanks look like in their historical period.
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   TANK MUSEUM IN KUBINKA, PATRIOT PARK (private and small group   escorted tour in English)

Private, group escorted tours of the largest military tank museum in Kubinka and Patriot Park (Russia).


-June 16, 2018 pay only USD190/15200 roubles per person.
- Become the second person to request your consolidated tour.

Consolidation list prices are not a public offer and can be changed without notice unless confirmed. Please, read booking/cancellation policy for our consolidated tour.

PLACES VISITED DURING THE TOUR: Kubinka Tank museum and Patriot Park as an extension of the tour.

KUBINKA TANK MUSEUM COLLECTION: one of the biggest world collections of American, British, Japanese, Hungarian, Italian, French, Czech, Israeli, Canadian, Norwegian, Chinese, and of course Soviet military tanks and armoured vehicles. The museum is especially proud of its WW2 panzer collection. All Nazi German tanks were captured by Russian soldiers during WW2. But the majority of the German collection has been moved to Patriot Park.

PATRIOT PARK was opened in 2015 to promote patriotic upbringing of Russian youth and facilitate military conventions. Kubinka tank museum shared some of their greatest exhibits with the Park. Paying a visit you will enjoy one of the world's biggest collections of Nazi Germany panzers including Ferdinand, Mark 3 and 4 and some other unique pieces. 

DAYS AND TIME OF THE TOUR: the tour can be organized any day including week-ends except Mondays. You must carry a copy and original of your international passport with your on this tour. The passport copy will be filed with the museum.

DURATION OF THE TOUR: 5-6 hours. The return commute to Kubinka museum is 3-4 hours depending on traffic. The duration of the tour on the sight is 2 hours. It is possible to stay in the museum longer than 2 hours. Additional fee of USD40/3200 roubles per hour (not per person) apply.



TANK RIDES: It is NOT possible to order tank rides in Kubinka tank museum. But it is possible to have a tank ride only as a passenger in a facility not far from the museum. Rides do not take place every day and the cost is USD300 per person. Please, apply for more information on days and conditions.

6 and more participants - USD80/6400 roubles per person, 5 participants - USD90/7200 roubles per person, 4 participants - USD120/9600 roubles per person, 3 participants - USD150/12000 roubles per person, 2 participants - USD170/13600 roubles per person, 1 participant - USD300/24000 roubles.    

is USD100/8000 roubles for the visit/not per person with maximum of 8 travelers.          IMPORTANT. Rouble prices are not a public offer. Rouble prices are the matter of change without notice in correspondence with MICEX usd/rouble rate of exchange. In case of rouble payment, please, verify the rate and rouble price of your tour with our office staff to avoid misunderstanding.
Book two of our tours together in one day and get a discount. The price can be changed without notice unless confirmed. Unfortunately we do not accept any credit cards.

INCLUDED SERVICES: English speaking guide. Transport services. Entrance fees for Kubinka tank museum. Clearance.

NOT INCLUDED: Photo permit. The cost is 350 roubles (appr. USD5). Must be paid in roubles at the cash desk. No credit cards are excepted. There is no ATM in the museum.

RESTRICTIONS: 1. Every foreign visitor must carry original and a copy of international passport on him/her since museum is still part of the military base. The copy will be filed with the museum.
2. The museum does not have any restrictions on cameras that visitors use. But cameras with professional lenses and tripods are not allowed. All pictures are allowed to be taken from behind the rope. Special permit must be received to take pictures from all angels and with professional light equipment.

Spy cameras should be checked with babushka at the entrance gate and any top secret materials you use during the tour should be returned back upon the end of the tour ;-).

TANK RIDES: are currently available.

DRESS CODE: in case you are visiting Kubinka tank museum during winter, late autumn, early spring time we strongly recommend to pay attention to your clothes. Two sweaters and a winter coat, extra pair of socks with warm winter boots, two pairs of gloves, a warm hat and a super warm scarf, long warm underwear will not be too much after the first hour of the tour. Bundle as much as you can. It is warmer outside than inside hangars with tanks. Unless you want to feel yourself like Nazi near Moscow during winter of 1941.

BOOKING/CANCELLATION POLICY. The tour of Kubinka tank museum is organized upon your request at agreed time. We would recommend you to book the tour in advance to guarantee guide availability and timely clearance. No deposit is necessary to book a private tour.

Your PRIVATE tour can be cancelled without penalties by sending us e-mail to two days before the tour or calling/texting us at +7-916-586-0804 one day prior to the beginning of the tour. Otherwise the tour should be paid in full.  If you are part of a CONSOLIDATED tour your tour participation can be cancelled without penalties by sending us e-mail to six days before the tour or calling/texting us at +7-916-586-0804 five days prior to the beginning of the tour. Otherwise the tour should be paid in full. The per person cost of your consolidated tour will depend on the number of tour participants on the day of the tour and may vary from confirmed price due to no shows or increase of number of participants.

To BOOK this tour please send us an e-mail or a fax with your NAMES AS IN YOUR PASSPORT, DATE OF BIRTH, CITIZENSHIP, PHONE to get in touch with you in Moscow, DATE AND TIME of the tour and PICK UP PLACE (your hotel or apartment address). Clearance is required for all foreign visitors. We need at least one week to facilitate all paper work. Last minute clearance is possible at a special rate.

24 HOUR PHONE within Russia at 8-916-586-0804 (English and Russian)
                               from abroad at +7-916-586-0804 (English and Russian)
CALL OR FAX OUR OFFICE from abroad at 7-495-420-8441 (Russian)
or e-mail
Attn.: Oleg Alexandrov.

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